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October 2016



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Honey Rose: UFE tells the story of Red, a young university student with dreams of making it big at the masked fighting tournament. She needs to balance her studies with her training, so she can bring home both the champion's belt, and her graduation! The game is a life-management simulation, presented as a visual novel, with beat'em-all elements. In short: some reading, some fighting... and lots of planning!


This game is my first solo commercial project. It started out as a single illustration from a 2013 series, titles "Fictional Videogame Heroine ABC", aiming to design characters according to fictional videogaming pitches. The pitch for this game resonated with fans, and I was asked to develop the universe around this character further. Thus appeared her main opponents: Little Sun, Carrion Wind, and Big Blue. As the overall context was shaping up, it became apparent this could become more than a pipe-dream, so I began working on an animation test to see if the fighting segment of the game, the main sticking point, would be feasible using Construct 2, a visual scripting engine... one thing leading to another, here we are!


  • A visual novel based around choice and reactivity!
  • Fight for your dreams on the ring, or to get back your suit from dastardly thugs in the street!
  • A sizeable cast of characters to encounter in dynamic events, with individual subplots to pursue!
  • Plan ahead to make the most of the 6 months you have left until graduation!
  • Bring home the champion's belt if you can, but make sure to ace your tests as well! Can you really do both?


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Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Big Blue won the 13th previous tournaments. Hopefully, this next one will be different!" End of the tournament this year: July 31st
  • "Your graduation score here, if it's adequate. It can be. It should be!" Grad exam: 24-29 June. Make sure to keep it in mind.

Selected Articles

  • ""Uncertainty and nervousness at whether you'd done enough, and that twinge of excitement at your hard work paying off would all mingle in Honey Rose.""
    - Joel Couture, Indiegames.com
  • ""This is a time where we are often both unsure of ourselves, as well as ambitious and hopeful for our futures. Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire gives you the ability to guide a character through that process, and hopefully, kick some ass in the process.""
    - Amber Knox, Kill Screen
  • ""Honey Rose is a game wherein a young woman wearing a ridiculous outfits skips school to beat up a gang of thieves while duck-walking. On my honor, not a word of that sentence is a lie.""
    - Jarenth, Ninja Blues
  • ""Someone get Vince McMahon on the phone – this is how you combine storytelling and wrestling!""
    - Leo "Freak" Anderson, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • ""The game plays nicely with the different elements it contains, coupled with a soundtrack that will keep you moving and a story that will cause you to steer her to glory or a path to unemployment.""
    - Niko, Need to Know Gaming

Original Soundtrack
An amazing soundtrack by Morusque, soon available for purchase! Listen to a preview here: pehesse.fr.

A devlog!
A recap of everything that happened as it happened, and plenty of gifs: forums.tigsource.com.

A Patreon!
Want to help move the game along? Thank you very much! You can do so here: patreon.com.

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Before there's a game, there's this! L'avant d'après is where I make games, and post about their processes, all the way from conception, to realisation.

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Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire Credits

Game Design, Art and Development and pretty much everything required except for...

Composer, Sound Effects

Plenty of testers!

Life partner, life support, life saver

Remi Gillig
The guy behind the site's curtains, holding the strings

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